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There is no doubt that we are confronted with difficulties and challenges very often during our daily operation. With the market competition’s getting more intense, we find out that there comes diversity in clients’ requirements, according to which, keeping both innovating our operating methods and summing up the experience are active coping styles.

In addition to daily operation, we have come up with some new methods  according to our characters that came from the long-term operation. Maybe they are not cutting-edge and don’t need to be followed out only by elites, but they do fit us so well and can be carried out by normal employees.

It’s not definitely useful in expanding the market share through those operating methods, of course. Actually we’ve got a more effective standard to evaluate them , and that is total customer experience. We dedicated to offer more cost-effective items to our clients and let them know the just-in-time production reports without worry. To keep on innovating both products and operating methods will be our own magic weapon.

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